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1) How long was the great ship??????

350 ft.
882.5 ft.
200,000,000 ft.
883 ft.
706 ft.

2) When did the R.M.S Titanic sink?????

April 15, 1913
April 15, 1912
April 15, 1911
April 15, 2000
April 15, 1910

3) Who said the famous words "Iceberg Right Ahead!"?

John Jacob Astor
Frederick Fleet
5th officer lowe
2nd official Charles Lightoller
Edward John Smith

4)What was the name of the city inscribed on the back of the stern??

New York

5)Who said the famous words of "Hard To Starboard"???

2nd officer Lightoller
5th officer lowe
Captain Edward J. Smith
J. Bruce Ismay
1st officer Murdoch

6)Who designed TITANIC?

J. Bruce Ismay
Edward J. Smith
Henry Ismay
Thomas Andrews
Jack Dawson

7) how much did it cost to make the Titanic in the early 1900's???

7 million
7.4 million
7.9 million
7.5 million
706 million

İMike O. 1998