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Olympic and Britannic
E Smith/Andrews Bios



My personal experience at "Titanic The Exhibition" was life moving.  When you see all the things that had actually been on the Titanic, you realize it was 100% real and not some made up fairy tail.  The Exhibition I went to was in St. Paul Minnesota, I went on the day that they had blew the whistles from the ship.  It was a great sound, and it's odd knowing the last ears to have heard them was in 1912.  When you see people's personal articles, it really gets you.  You realize these people are no different from you and me.  One of the saddest things I recall was seeing a gentlemen's pocket watch that had been waterlogged and the watch had been stopped at 2:16, and it was reported that the ship had gone down about 2:15, so you know that's when the ship sank.  I saw "The Big Piece" it was about the size of the side of my house, and you know it was a very small piece of the ship and you really wonder how large that ship was.  There were English Pounds and American Dollars they had recovered from the wreck site which is amazing.  I personally got to touch one of the life boat arms davits, so I have touched something that was onboard the Titanic.  If "Titanic The Exhibition" is coming to a town near you, I encourage you to stop by, it may change you life like it has mine.  Don't take my word for it, visit it for yourself.

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