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White Star Line
White Star Line FlagWhite Star LineWhite Star Line Flag
Thomas Henry Ismay, began White Star in the mid 1800's. They
       debuted with large beautiful ships, which became immediatly popular
     with many of the richer travlers. In 1898 J. Bruce Ismay took over
          White Star, after the death of his father Thomas Henry Ismay. With the
          turn of the century White Star was doing very well, so well in fact that
          they purchased the English liner company Dominion Line in 1903. But
            now as the new centruy played on, and new technology came into use,
             passengers wanted more speed as well as increased luxury. White Star
              rival Cunard Lines, did just that. Cunard built the Mauretania. And with
               these new class of ships from Cunard came renewed rivalery, more and
                more passengers where moving to cunard, renowned for thier speed. So
                 in July of 1907 Bruce Ismay and Harland & Wolfs best designers began
               to design worlds most famous ships ever, The Olympic, the TITANIC,
           and soon to follow the Brittanic. The first keel plate was laid for the
                  Olympic on December 16, 1908. The Titanics, first keel plate was laid a
                  full three and a half months later on March, 31, 1909. The Olympic, had
               a very rough first year at sea. In May of 1911 she collided with another
             ship and forced to return to the Harland and Wolff shipyard for some
              very costly repairs. The Titanics construction was delayed, because of
                these repairs, the medal was used to repair the Olympic rather than used
                 on the Titanic. White Star nearly went out of business when they tried to
               claim the insurance after the Olympic accident, which had clearly been
                  the fault of the Olympic. Later that same where the Olympic lost part of
            her port side propeller blade, and was once more returned to the
             Harland & Wolff shipyard for repairs. Then on April 15, 1912, the
                    Titanic, on her maiden voyage struck an iceberg, and sank, taking with
                  her over 1500 passengers. Bruce Ismay still current owner of White
                 Star, was among the passengers of the Titanic who were saved. By
             getting off the Titanic, the newspapers would later label him as a
                         cowardy,  J. Bruce, Isamy claiming he should have gone down with the ship.
By popular demand Bruce Ismay resigned in June of 1913, retreating to his summer home,
where he lived out his days.
                                  In July of 1913, J.P. Morgan, an American, was appointed the new
                                  owner of White Star, and the company went on. In September of 1915
                                  the Olympic was transformed into a troops ship, in support of WW1.
                                  The Olympic's history peaked when on May 1, 1918 she sunk the
                                  German Submarine U-103. She resumed her duties in August of 1919,
                                  as a passenger steamer. On March 22, 1924 she collided with another
                                  steamer, once more she was responsible. The Olympic history took
                                  another turn for the worst when on May 16, 1928 she collided and sank
                                  the Nantuket, killing seven crewmen instantly. Soon after the Olympic
                                  life can to an end. She was laid up at SouthHampton, her birth place.
                                  From there she taken and scraped at Jarrow and Inverkeithing. The
                                  Britanic, the final of the three Olymipc Class liners, was sent into was
                                  as the HMHS Britanic (Her Majesty's Hospital Ship). Unfinished she
                                  the trip from Southhampton to New York only six times, before she
                                  struck a German mine and sank into a watery grave. So in 1934 with
                                  both White Star, and her former rival Cunard, in deep debt, they join
                                  forces. In 1952 Cunard, finally purchassed the remaining shares, and bid
                                  farewell to White Star. Cunard rechanged the name from Cunard-White
                                  Star, back to just Cunard. And so ended almost 100 years of the White
                                  Star Lines.
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