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Titanic : A Lost Voyage
E. Smith

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  Welcome to my olympic page this page is about the R.M.S Olympic Although There was...
  • Olympic
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  • Britannic
The Olympic was nicknamed "Old Reliable" because this one never sank. This ship was actually driven by Edward John Smith who was soon to die being the capton on Titanic this ship wasn't perfect though, it had a collision with the Hawke because the olympic was very big. Olympic & Titanic were the two largest moving objects ever in the history of man at that time but Titanic went to the bottom. Now the H.M.H.S. Britannic sank in fifteen minutes after hitting a landmine, it was because the watertight doors were not closed it sank in only 300ft. deep of water. The bow of the Britannic actualy hit the bottom when the stern was in the air. Jock costeau found the wreck at the 
bottom in 1976 and the decks and the ship is very much intacked, 30 people died out of 1,100 because the 
propellers were still spinning when they set out one of the lifeboats and the life boat got sucked into it. 
Titanic : A lost Voyage